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Social Security Administration - Hispanic Affairs Advisory Council's Newsletter "Latinos en Acción"
from October 2007 issue, p.4 ...(reprinted with permission)
As a young child in Brazil, Claudia Krusch had decided she would make a difference. She'd always had a dream of opening a foreign language school in her home town in Brazil. As an adult after much persistence, diligence and many fortuitous ircumstances she is the owner and director of CK Translations LLC in West Deptford, New Jersey. As a professional Claudia is a strong advocate for teaching foreign languages to children and a strong believer that learning a second, third, and fourth language is all about effort and setting goals. She brings forth these ideal to all of her clients, ranging in age from 14 month old toddlers to 70 year olds. Claudia also serves as a passionate volunteer to several U.S. Government Agencies, including the Department of Parks

and Recreation in California. She has dedicated 30 years to learning languages and studying linguistics and is currently learning and working with her own son to make improve-ments on the program she designed, "Easylearn Spanish", which is now being taught in Italian and Portuguese as well. This program brings pride to foreign mothers, as they now have a place and program to keep their native language alive in their children. Also, American mothers who know the benefits of a foreign language and wish to share that with their little ones can now do so. Mrs. Krusch has an impressive list of clients which include the School District of Philadelphia, Independence Title Company, The Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, the Borough of Wenonah and many others.

As a speaker of four languages, interpreter, translator, and an active   volunteer among other titles, Claudia is most proud to be called Mrs. Krusch and Lucas' mom. She adds, “Because, as it is with the majority of the Hispanic women I know, there is nothing more important than family. My family has been, continues to be and will always be the most important accomplishment in my life."


Claudia Krusch is the wife of Mark Krusch SYSCO at MATPSC, a member of HAAC, Philadelphia Region. For more on CK Translations LLC and Easylearn visit:



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